YOU and the Secret to Success in Business

Aug 10, 2022 / Mind Cart AI

As a professional, YOU are the secret sauce. But, as a professional, a scientist who is regrouping, starting anew, it’s incumbent upon you to change your way of thinking about yourself. Right now, you own your job. The goal is to create a business. The business comes from YOU, yourself.

And, the essence of the business, its secret sauce? Fundamentally, capitalize on what you’re best at. In general, you are probably best at spotting and using patterns. That’s what scientific training is all about; not technician work, but science work.

You also have to realize that people buy solutions and not other people. The world isn’t waiting for you to arrive at their doorstep, with YOURSELF. Maybe your mother is, but that’s about it. Sell the project, solve the problem using technology, and make sure parts of YOU are embedded in the technology.

The rest is specifics. And, of course, the devil is in the details. By the way, when you keep at it, at some point you’ll overcome the hurdles. Success is just over the horizon. Don’t ever give up. Happy hunting!