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Malcolm Gladwell, 5x NY Times Best Selling Author and TED Speaker - "Howard Moskowitz is responsible for uncovering truth about how human beings make decisions."

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Our research is published in dozens of scientific journals, including:
Chemical Senses
Journal of Consumer Marketing
American Journal of Psychology
Journal of Applied Psychology
Some of the awards won by our research team:
Edison Award for Innovation
Walston Chubb Award for Innovation
ASTM Peryam Award
ARF Research Innovation Award

Find your massive competitive advantage

One of our expert researchers will discuss your sales goals and design an experiment to increase sales by 20%. (Others charge up to $500 for this.)

Find your massive competitive advantage. (Others charge up to $500 for this.)

About Us

The world’s leading market research group internationally recognized for our contributions to the science of the mind.

Malcolm Gladwell's iconic TED talk on MindCart AI founder Dr. Howard Moskowitz.

Why our clients use us

  • We have unrivaled experience. We have advised some of the world's most sophisticated organization, including, the United Nations and the World Health Organization - plus many traditional enterprises and small businesses.
  • We are pioneers in cognitive economics. We are the first researchers to quantify the dimensions of everyday human experience, over the course of 50 years, and use that knowledge to help businesses find their massive competitive advantage.
  • We get great results. We generate unique insights that are only possible using our research methodology and experimental design. Our approach is reliable, evidenced by the fact that we have helped create and over 300 market leading products.
  • We have worked with businesses just like yours. We have the advantage of having measurably grown hundreds of businesses, in every major vertical. We have carried out tests on millions of users, generating billions in revenue for our clients. Whatever your business, we have the experience.
  • We have a proprietary "mindtype" database, based on thousands of experiments conducted over 50 years, containing mindset data on every single major industry and consumer segment.
  • Dr. Moskowitz's research is worldwide. So far, his work has helped clients in 14 languages in over 50 countries: including, France, Germany, United Kingdom, China, Taiwan, Thailand, India, Russia, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, Greece, Italy, Ghana, South Africa, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Canada, Belgium, Austria, Turkey, Croatia, Denmark, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, Malaysia, Egypt, Morocco, and United States of America.
  • We have published several books, including Selling Blue Elephants, which has fantastic reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. It’s recommended by Dr. Eugene Galanter, Professor of Psychophysics at Columbia University, and many more industry leaders.
  • MindCart experiments are fast, simple, and affordable. Compared to focus groups or even machine learning solutions, our research can easily be used for all kinds of business decision making, at a fraction of the cost and implementation time.
  • We are recognized authorities: We are PhD researchers who actively publish in journals on a monthly if not weekly basis. We have been featured in many leading publications, including the New York Times, Time Magazine, TED, CNN, NPR, Medium, Slate, Smithsonian Magazine, and Wired. And we literally wrote the book on cognitive economics.

Our mission: Promote the science of cognitive analytics

  • We are obsessed with finding out everything there is to know about everyday human experience and perspective. Cognitive analytics is a science that explores cognition in terms of propositional attitudes towards a subject of study. Simply, it is the empirical study of mindsets about a thing or concept, rather than psychology or cognition in general.
  • We hold ourselves to high standards. We don't rely on anecdotes or brainstorms, we conduct experiments to get real, actionable data on consumer mindsets, and we insist on testing our results in the market.
  • Along the way, we’ve discovered that most people don't research or reference data when making business decisions because it's perceived as too hard. So they avoid tests. And never learn what works. And needlessly waste countless dollars. We love people who, like us, want to have their work tested—who want to know the truth.

"If you double the number of experiments you do per year you’re going to double your inventiveness" —Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon.

Our four pillars of investment. How we promote the science of cognitive analytics.

  1. Educate the next generation and equip them with the research tools and methods needed to think critically about important issues.
  2. Develop the technology to make cognitive analytics experiments faster and more convenient for all who want to conduct them, and explore new interesting applications.
  3. Advance the methods used in cognitive analytics to sequence the human mind, and improve the clarity of our understanding.
  4. Provide guidance to the world’s business and political leaders, so they can make the best decisions, instead of guessing what to do.

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