Reopening Retail Stores: A Cartography of Canadian Mindsets for Street-Level Stores

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What was the purpose of this study?

The study was designed to help street-level stores reopen in Canada by uncovering what their customers need to hear and see.

What should be the process of "reopening" retail stores?

Opening process:

  • Retail stores open with appropriate COVID-19 messages
  • Upon entry customer given hand sanitizer and tissue
  • Store regulates entry: infrared digital thermometer used
  • One additional store reopens in strip mall every 24 hours until all have reopened

What measures should employees follow?

Employee must:

  • Wear protective garments, gloves and masks
  • Increase frequency of cleaning, self, store, products, etc.
  • Limit employee interaction: 6-foot spacing
  • No store requirements: customer does what seems best

What measures should customers follow?

Customer must:

  • Maintain physical distance: 6-feet from employees or other customers
  • Wear mask and gloves
  • Not handle items
  • Pay only by debit or credit card… no cash

What are the compliance aids?

Compliance aid:

  • Customer needs a little more than basic rules to comply
  • Customer requires personal reminder by floor clerks in store
  • Customer needs gentle reminder… signs around the store
  • Customer needs occasional reminder by announcement

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What mindsets did we discover?

"These questions and answers are mixed together to create combinations resulting in 24 unique vignettes that the participants rate"

Mindset-1: Clinical Proof Seekers
Show me that you are clinically clean
  • Upon entry customer given hand sanitizer and tissue
  • Store regulates entry: infrared digital thermometers used
Mindset-2: Show me & guide me
Reassure me at te start and reinforce me during my shopping
  • Gentle reminders from floor clerks in the store
  • Make sure there is reinforcing signage around store
Mindset-3: Cabin fever
Store encourages & rewards shopper to do the right things
  • They are ready to do what is needed to get back to normal
  • Customer must wear mask, gloves and pay with debit or credit card (no cash)