A Study on Consumer Attitudes’ Towards a New App Facilitating Interaction With Your Dog

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What was the purpose of this study?

The purpose of this study is to identify consumer attitudes to a brand new dog-centered app.

What is it?

  • A brand new app for dog owners to interact with their dogs in doggy daycare
  • A low-cost app connecting you to REAL pets available on IOS and Android
  • A virtual dog fostering app… help dogs in need using your phone!
  • A virtual comfort animal app for people isolated during quarantine

What are the unique features?

  • Dog walker wears a go-pro… watch your dog getting walked
  • Send treats to your dog via the app
  • Use a ‘dogecoin’ (in-app currency) to have the dog walker sing your dog a song
  • Talk to your dog through the app

What are the benefits?

  • Stay in contact with your dog virtually via an app when you are at work
  • Comfort your dog when you are away… reduces separation anxiety
  • Come home to a relaxed puppy because you never ‘really’ left!
  • Give your allergic kid a dog… without the mess and stress

What is the story?

  • In 2009, our founders were sad they were away from their dogs, and the idea for the app was born
  • A percentage of profits are donated to local animal shelters
  • Our founders were dog lovers who couldn’t have their own dogs because they were too busy
  • Every employee is a certified dog expert dedicated to improving quality of life for dogs

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What mindsets did we discover?

"These questions and answers are mixed together to create combinations resulting in 24 unique vignettes that the participants rate"

Mindset-1: Loves dogs but needs accommodations for a busy lifestyle

You are a dog-lover, but you need help takingcare of your pet due to your busy lifestyle.

Mindset-2: Feature oriented; virtual pet, virtual communication

You are excited by the features that allow for virtual communication with your dog.

Mindset-3: Connect with pets virtually through dog experts

You are intrigued by the opportunity to connect with your pets virtually.