A Study on Attitudes Towards Eating

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What was the purpose of this study?

The purpose of the study is to understand mentalities around food.

What is food to you?

  • Food is fuel
  • Food is culture
  • Meals are highlights of the day
  • It’s important to have cheat meals

What makes a good snack?

  • A good snack is light, healthy, and balanced
  • Snacks are pick-me-ups
  • Anything low-calorie makes a good snack
  • Snacks satisfy cravings

When do you eat?

  • Eat when you are hungry
  • Eat after doing a lot of activity
  • Graze throughout the day
  • Eat when you have time

What is your eating style?

  • Drive-through convenience
  • Meal prep ahead of time
  • Eat while multi-tasking
  • Eat by yourself

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What mindsets did we discover?

"These questions and answers are mixed together to create combinations resulting in 24 unique vignettes that the participants rate"

Mindset-1: Eat when you want and how you want

You like to eat food however and whenever you are hungry or expect to be hungry.

Mindset-2: Convenience is everything

You eat when it is convenient to do so.

Mindset-3: Work first, Eat second

You are willing to push meals in order to finish your work first.