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Engineer Influence

Engineer Influence, a marketing and brand strategy firm based in NYC, successfully launched a million dollar digital course product for a celebrity client fueled by insights sourced from MindCart AI’s experimentation methodology.

Engineer Influence sees client launch with $1M+ Revenue in 3 Months with MindCart AI Insights


“I consider it mandatory to conduct pattern analysis to determine what resonates with buyers when spending $10k or more on paid ads.”

– Calvin Hamilton, CEO  & Founder, Engineer Influence





Engineer Influence, whose tagline is “Influence isn’t magic… it’s mechanics.”, was tasked by celebrity client Ryan Serhant to find the right messaging to launch Ryan’s first real estate course: Sell It Like Serhant using Facebook advertising. The goal was to create America’s #1 best selling real estate course.


Pattern Analysis was used to identify key customers segments and messages which were used to build a Facebook marketing funnel.  One key segment identified was the mindset around parents wishing to balance success in real estate with starting/growing a family; this segment particularly resonated with messaging around Ryan’s balancing his work with being a dad.


The results were a huge success.

  • $1,000,000 in revenue within 3 months of launching the course
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