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Find your massive competitive advantage

One of our expert researchers will discuss your sales goals and design an experiment to increase sales by 20%. (Others charge up to $500 for this.)

As seen in these publications:
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Our research is published in dozens of scientific journals, including:
Chemical Senses
Journal of Consumer Marketing
American Journal of Psychology
Journal of Applied Psychology
Some of the awards won by our research team:
Edison Award for Innovation
Walston Chubb Award for Innovation
ASTM Peryam Award
ARF Research Innovation Award

Find your massive competitive advantage. (Others charge up to $500 for this.)

Our science has an undeniable, proven track record. Hence, this page is very long.

We have already grown a company just like yours.

  • We don’t work with only the giants of industry. Our clients include many small-to-medium-sized businesses.
  • Just tell us what your company does, (using this form), and we’ll let you know what experience we have in your industry. Alternatively, you can see many client successes if you scroll down this page. Our science has been successful in nearly every vertical.
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Many of the world’s most respected brands trust us to grow their businesses.

We’ve worked with clients of all sizes in every industry

We have a wealth of experience accumulated over many years. We’ve worked, hands-on, with the most sophisticated companies in the world, in every industry.

  • In business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C).
  • In every major industry. We have worked in e‑commerce and retail, financial services and FinTech, media and publishing, food and beverage, software and SaaS, and non-profits.
  • Of many sizes, from individuals to large enterprises.
  • Worldwide Scope. So far, our advisors have worked with clients in 14 languages in over 50 countries: including, France, Germany, United Kingdom, China, Taiwan, Thailand, India, Russia, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, Greece, Italy, Ghana, South Africa, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Canada, Belgium, Austria, Turkey, Croatia, Denmark, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, Malaysia, Egypt, Morocco, and United States of America.
  • In many formats: product development, packaging, online advertising, email marketing, offline advertising, conversion rate optimization, and more.

Whatever your business, we have the experience.


Jerry Wind

"The basic premise of [Howard's work] is that to address today’s challenges, one must understand the mind of the consumer and other relevant stakeholders…"

Jerry Wind

"Howard Moskowitz is responsible for uncovering truth about how human beings make decisions."

Jerry Wind

"This quantitative technique really helped me frame my courtroom arguments... the net result... the jury returned one of the biggest verdicts in the history for a defamation case."

Jerry Wind

"The information received from the test provided insights that in some cases contradicted positions we held at the outset of the project, and altered our overall approach & resulted in 110% increase in sales”

Jerry Wind

“Here there was this third segment—people who liked their spaghetti sauce with lots of stuff in it—and it was completely untapped. So in about 1989-90 we launched Prego extra-chunky. It was extraordinarily successful.”

What’s your goal today?

1. Hire us to grow your company

We’ve generated hundreds of millions for our clients, using the unique science of cognitive analytics. To discover how we can help grow your business:

2. Learn cognitive analytics

  • Enroll in the MindCart AI immersive program, an intensive bootcamp where you will get hands-on experience running cognitive analytics experiments in a curriculum designed by our PhD researchers.
  • Get access to 11 contemporary publications authored by our research team, containing an incredible wealth of knowledge on how to create and sell category-defining products using simple, yet powerful experimentation. Request a Dropbox link.
  • See examples of our research, as applied to various topics like Covid-19.

3. Contact us

We help businesses worldwide, so get in touch!

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