10 Key Principles for Finding Success in Your Career

Aug 9, 2022 / Mind Cart AI

There are certain lessons to learn which, once learned, will allow for success and happiness in one’s career. 

If we were to summarize the key principles to apply to life, we might come away with this list of the following ten. Here they are:

  1. The odds are that you are going to live a long time. Don’t mess up the feeding trough that will be the source of your professional growth and, more than likely, your livelihood. Be thoughtful about what you do. Things do come back to bite. You don’t want that to happen. Period.


  1. Kindness, kindness, kindness. I once read a blog which stated that ‘when I was young I admired cleverness; now that I’m old I admire kindness.’ You can’t be too kind. It will pay dividends. Don’t worry about wasting kindness. Just be kind.


  1. What you do as a young professional is excusable. You may think that an error you make when you are young will follow you around. Chances are that no one notices it. If someone happens to notice it when you are young, it will likely be forgotten.


  1. The pen is mightier than the sword. It helps to practice writing. When you write to be read (not to be remembered but to be read), you may be pleasantly surprised. Think of your writing as an investment that you make and forget.Sometimes, unexpected dividends show up in the mail. That’s good.


  1. Publish a lot. When you start out no one cares, even if you have ground-breaking work. Your goal is to get beyond the beginning stage, to create a corpus of your own work. That work will support you; I promise.


  1. Everyone gets rejected from journals. It’s not worth killing yourself over. The peer review system is flawed, but so what? If you don’t get it published in an ‘A’ journal, try a ‘B’ journal, and then a ‘C’ journal. Just get it published.


  1. When you look for something to be right, it’s better to be 80% right and on time than 100% right and late. When you miss the train, miss the boat, miss the chance, it’s gone. Do not let the perfect be the enemy of the good.


  1. If you’re miserable in your job, your post-doc or whatever, remember that you can generally move. If worst comes to worst, and it sometimes does, think about going out as a consultant. You can then get fired by each client and still survive. What a wonderful lesson. Change, don’t die.


  1. You’re not as important as you think you are. Abandon your amour propre. You’re not that important at all. So enjoy life. By the time you become very important, you’ll either be old or dead, and you won’t be able to enjoy life very much. Arthritis happens; that’s the least of it. Carpe diem; seize the day.


  1. Educate yourself so that you understand more than a simple, narrow field. It helps to read history, literature and philosophy. It’s even interesting. There was a world before you were born, there were ideas before you were weaned. The truth is, these will be there long after you’re gone. So imbibe some culture; and not just the culture in yogurt. You’ll be a better scientist and professional because of it.


If you are able to apply these 10 principles to all aspects of your life and career, you will find success and happiness more easily than your peers.