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Marketing fundamentals win more and win more often

MarTech, 3rd party tracking, and AI can’t help marketers who don’t understand their customer.

Traditional market research doesn’t meet the needs of modern marketers

Many marketers don’t research at all in favor of iterating once in the market; a difficult and costly road to true customer insight.

Stop guessing with hyper-specific customer insights

Our data reveals your best performing customer segments, how to target them, and exactly what to say.

How MindCart AI Insights work

Test the variables in your marketing strategy

Use everything from personas, brand names, claims, value propositions, differentiators, copy, headlines, concepts, and more as inputs.

Easily panel an audience of real customers

Get in front of your exact customers with 200+ targetable or custom criteria.

Immediately see what works and what doesn’t

Compared to surveys or A/B testing, MindCart AI data is clear, easy to interpret, and gets you deep into the mind of your customer.

"MindCart AI regularly provides us with consumer-driven data helping us to improve our strategies and execute them more quickly and confidently.  This ultimately decreases our barrier to market entry and increases our revenue by providing superior products and messaging tailored to our consumers and their values."

Paul Hodges

CEO & Co-Founder, Soltech Solutions

“I would consider it mandatory to run pattern analysis experimentation to determine what resonates with buyers, especially  if spending $10k or more on paid ads.”

Calvin Hamilton

CEO & Founder, Engineer Influence

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